Here’s a little sample of my work

📱 MyStickers

This is probably the first idea of an I ever developed for publication back in 2014 (it has evolved since). The premise of the app is simple: instead of keep losing paper lists with your missing sticker numbers from an album your completing (may that be for the latest soccer cup tournament, an Avenger’s movie, etc), choose to use MyStickers for such task. It allows for quick sorting and searching as well as sharing the list with other users using a QR code.

Light mode Dark mode iPad support d
light mode Dark mode iPad support

Feel free to check it out.

📱 Rick and Morty

This one is my most recent experiment/hobby project and I chose a basic API for implementing it such as Rick and Morty’s wiki. While it’s far from my most visually appealing job, i think it shines on the technical side of things:

  • I built it following TDD for the networking layer
  • It’s UI is entirely UIKit programmatic
  • It follows SOLID principles, specially Single responsibility via dependency injection (leveraged by SPM)
  • It features dark mode and full accessibility support (dynamic fonts) on all its text
  • The repo is setup with a basic flow for continues integration via Github actions

Rick and Morty

More details of it here

💻🖥📱 Geeking with Mauri

This blog itself is a sample of my work. While young -I started it in mid 2020-, it shows snippets of my day to day workflow as well as some of the reading and learnings I’ve picked along the way.

It’s simple yet functional: responsive and lightweight 😄

blog cover

To see it all out, check my Github account 👨🏽‍💻