Mauricio Chirino
Yours truly

I’ve been writing code since 2007 and getting paid for it since 2013 (outside of college), a bit over a year since getting my BS in software engineering from UNET.

I felt in love with mobile development, primarily because of the app’s fad back then. Now, more than a decade since smart phones made their way into out every day lives it’s not a trend anymore: it’s the standard. If you don’t have a digital mobile presence, a.k.a. a site/app that looks well and performs properly on a mobile device then you (or the team behind your business/company) is doing something wrong.

Beyond that, I like reading (A LOT), also collaborate and give back to the community when time and family obligations allow me to. Feel free to reach me out or leave some comment. If it’s a business/idea topic you can also find me around with a more serious face 👨🏽‍💻

I’m a big believer of crypto power and that lead me to work on Bitso, one of the most valuable fintechs in Latin America.

My résumé?

Need a PDF version of my CV? No problem: download it here.